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#1 Autoimmune Disease - Jane has been learning about it

The Key to a Healthier Life at any Weight 

Exercise can be quite daunting if you are not a regularly active person. When we think of exercise we often think of gyms and the people inside them who are dedicated to achieving some perceived physical perfection. To most of us, this is both an unpleasant idea and an impractical one 




Weight and Health – The Current Research 

Modern society has a view of obesity as being an inherently damaging and negative thing. People who are obese deal with a variety of health problems more frequently than those who are of a “normal weight”. 





Opinions: Weight and Health – In Conversation with Jane Boyd 

One of the biggest contributors to low self-esteem in women is our tendency to obsess about our weight. Many of us spend our entire lives searching for a more perfect figure, which by definition is unachievable.





Learning to Love Yourself – Inside and Out 

Necessary steps we can take in order to move towards truly loving and valuing ourselves for who we are and the wide-ranging benefits of self-love





Believe in Yourself

Building Self-Confidence 

Don’t allow insecurity to prevent you from taking the opportunities life hands you. Seizing the day is one of the biggest ways to improve your self-confidence and move towards starting to love yourself 





Suzanne Bernie stylist


Make your style individual. Don’t be a walking advert for a brand, be a walking advert for yourself 




The Beauty of Individuality A New Way of Thinking about Self-Esteem 

Let’s stop putting ourselves down and start to feel happy about ourselves.