This week, on social media, we’ve been talking about taking time out to “make memories” and so, with that in mind, I thought I’d share a few of my own special Easter memories with you.


Good Friday is traditionally a sombre occasion, a time when we remember the cross and the humiliation and suffering that Jesus went through on our behalf. Personally, this day reminds me to take stock of all the blessings that are in my life. It’s a day of thanksgiving and gratitude. This year, in particular, I am feeling so blessed. Many of our dear friends have struggled recently with serious health issues, and so, I don’t take lightly the gift of my own health and that of those I love. This Easter, also sees our little family coming together for a few days at our home in Swaziland. Our eldest daughter, Chelsea is with us from the UK for a week. Our youngest daughter, Shannon and her husband, Jonty are joining us from Johannesburg; and our son, Ryan, is now living and working in Swaziland. There are going to be some wonderful memories made this weekend! What a blessing.


Easter Sunday has always been a time of celebration in our home as we remember the “empty tomb”, when Jesus conquered death once and for all. For many years, our tiny church family met on Easter Sunday for a sunrise service. For us, as a family, that meant crawling out of bed at 4.45am on a cold winter’s morning, carrying blankets and scarves with us to the service. I can tell you, there was not much celebrating done at this point by the younger members of the Mandy household. We were always met at church by an enthusiastic group, many who had walked for 45 minutes to be there. We shared jokes and laughter as we carried chairs, music stands and instruments outside to set up in the car park for our service. Invariably it would begin to drizzle, but never did we have to take things indoors. What an amazing way to celebrate this special day; witnessing the sun rising over the mountains, surrounded by family and friends, wrapped in blankets and love. Always, we would end with breakfast cooked outdoors and served on paper plates and leave with marshmallow eggs for everyone. Such wonderful memories.


When our children were younger (actually, not that much younger), we would head home, where my husband would wander off to hide eggs for our Easter egg hunt. I remember, when my son was around five or six years old, he managed to collect quite a stock of chocolate eggs. We were obviously not paying attention, and before we realized what had happened, we discovered he’d been sitting in a corner, devouring as many eggs as he could in the shortest time possible. Needless to say, he spent most of the rest of the day paying the price! We still remind him of it from time to time; actually, that is probably every Easter.


These memories are locked away in my heart and brought out to share or to think on, every now and then. They may not all be about fun and laughter; there may have been some suffering involved (poor Ryan!). But they bring me endless joy whenever they see the light of day and collectively, they bind us together as a family. They are priceless!


With all of that said, I hope that you have a wonderful Easter and have many opportunities to make some wonderful memories. Watch out for us on our Instagram and Facebook stories, as I share some of the great memories that we will be making as a family this Easter.

Much love,


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