Rediscovering My Life.

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Rediscovering My Life Program


Modules 1 and 2 (full modules including workbook, activities and videos)

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Each week we will unlock a module of the program which we recommend you work through at your own pace.  Don’t worry if you don’t complete the module in a week, it’s more important to learn what you need to learn so that you can embed new ways of thinking and doing things.  This is builds up a solid foundation for your future, meaning you’ll have a new toolbox full of tools you can use to handle whatever life throws at you.

There are videos to introduce each module as well as instructional videos for each activity.  There’s also a workbook for each module containing all the activity materials.  The activities are designed around our coaching model to help you understand more about where you are now and what you can do to get to your goals.  Sometimes you’ll be thinking about things that have happened during your day, other times you’ll be learning new ways of thinking and doing things.  We also recommend you begin journaling each day – we will help you with this during our videos, including giving you some suggestions of what you might wish to journal about as you progress through the program. Everything

Every step is designed to move you towards your goals. By the end of the program, you’ll feel more in control, focused, able to cope.  You’ll have rediscovered your life.

Here’s what you can expect to achieve from each module:

Module 1 (Free Access) Preparation and Understanding Your Stress

By the end of this program, you will have transformed into a happier, more capable and enthusiastic woman. You’ll be ready for the next part of your life.  That’s a big journey. It’s extremely important to prepare properly for it.

Section 1 makes sure you are ready, motivated and supported enough to make these changes a success.

It also gets you through the first step – understanding who and what is causing you stress.  It’s the start of your transformation into a calm, relaxed woman who is capable of dealing with life’s ups and downs.

Module 2 (Free Access) Relaxing and Eliminating Stress 

In Section 2 you will identify how to eliminate your stress.  You will discover stress-reducing activities that fit into your lifestyle. You’ll trial techniques that enable you to calm down when you are feeling ready to blow your top.  By the end of this section, you will be more relaxed, less stressed and therefore more able to work on what comes next.


During Section 1 or 2, you will have a free one to one coaching session with a fully qualified coach who will help you to get into the right mindset to make the program a success.

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Once you have completed the free modules, you’ll have the option to take the full program.

Module 3 

You’ll feel more confident and capable as we breakthrough the thought processes that are stopping you from seeing what an amazing person you really are – yes you!

Module 4

You’ll get control over your time and energy as you pinpoint what is working for you right now and deal with the things that aren’t.

Module 5

You’ll overcome what is holding you back and build your self worth as we help you learn healthier thinking habits.

Module 6 & 7

You’ll feel happier and more significant in the world as you change your self-talk into something supportive, positive and esteem-building.

Module 8

You’ll feel absolutely amazing as you rid yourself of the commitments that have been holding you back and you reach your mountain top.

Module 9

You’ll celebrate how far you’ve come, create a visual for where you want to go next and learn how we can support you in that journey.


A Fully Printable PDF Workbook

Videos to guide you through the program activities

Coaching Exercises & Practices that help you breakthrough

Access to Private Facebook Group – Meet new friends; share experiences; get support from others who have completed the course

Priority Email Support from the Rediscovering My Life Team throughout the program

For a limited time – 20% discount on the full price of the program

BONUS  1 to 1 coaching session with one of our fully qualified Rediscovering Me Coaches

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“This life coaching program is amazing. I was sceptical at first, but as cliched as it sounds, it really has made a significant, positive difference in my life. Not only do I feel more confident, happier and less stressed, I also feel positive about the future, no matter what it brings.” Martha


“Very good. This is a great course. It takes you step by step through the process of getting naked before yourself and really and honestly taking stock of your life. Also making you realize that all answers actually lie within yourself. Well done Jane and Karen!!!” Leonie


“The Rediscovering My Life Program has got me back on track. I was lost for a number of years – life , menopause, divorce. Now I am back on the path and looking forward to whatever comes my way – being rather than doing.” Elizabeth



“I do love being on my mountaintop.” Heather


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