Lose Stress and Rediscover Relaxation

Stress finds its way to be a part of everyday life. Whether its work, family, pets, money, or time, stress creeps its way in to be a factor in every aspect of our lives.

We often dream of an escape, a retreat to relax and de-stress. For me, in a dream world, I’d be lying on a white beach, cocktail in hand, whilst all that can be heard are the waves crashing on the shore. However, that dream remains a dream.

An American TV show called ‘The Middle” is a comedy sitcom that portrays a family of 5 and the trials and tribulations of a hectic life. The Mother of the family, Frankie, is scatty, never organized and always rushed off her feet – sound familiar? In one episode she can’t deal with the stress of life and so she locks herself in the bathroom of her work, shuts off her phone and creates, with the best she’s got, a 5-minute relaxation spa – see the video below.

Now, it’s not the most picturesque setting and her level of desperation for some alone time is something we can all appreciate, but alone time and reconnecting with yourself is invaluable. Relaxation is important. Switching off your stress for 5 minutes is vital to our sanity so, I have created:

 ‘The Busy Woman’s Guide to Taking a Break’

  1. Putting on your favorite song and rock your heart out.
    It’s the little things that make us feel good. Next time you’re driving home after a stressful day, you’re stuck in traffic and you’re not in the mood – turn on your favorite song, turn it up full blast, block out the outside and have your own private show. It’ll take your mind off stress, make you feel good and let you burn some energy.
  2. Go to bed early.
    It’s so easy to stay slouched on the sofa, watching rubbish tv, but packing up shop for the day and retreating to bed not only sets you up for a better tomorrow but there’s no better relaxation then sleep.
  3. A long shower or bath
    A long shower is my personal daily solace, I sit down (yes I sit down in my shower), I shut my eyes and I relax, I think about my day and if it has been a bad day I let it go. Now I hear you if you get home late and still have dinner to prepare, notes to go over for tomorrow’s meeting, or any one of a thousand tasks pulling at your time, but give yourself just a few minutes of alone time and you’ll get some de-stressing done.
  4. Stop ‘should-ing’ yourself 
    So often we end our day saying ‘I should have done this’ ‘I should have done that’ but creating unnecessary stress over what we didn’t get a chance to do doesn’t get what ‘should’ve’ been done, done. Instead, try focusing on what you actually achieved – it’s so much more worthwhile.
  5. Go for a 10-minute walk
    Fresh air and exercise is scientifically proven to calm, relax, and de-stress you, and you can’t argue with science!
  6. Stop looking at the screen
    We spend a good portion of our day looking at our phone, looking at a laptop, staring at a TV screen but actually shutting off the screens and taking time off the internet not only helps you sleep better but combats depression. Uninterrupted screen time has been connected to low moods and depression!
  7. Treat yourself
    A glass of wine, a bar of chocolate, we deserve treats and they make us feel good!
  8. Make plans
    Sometimes, having too many plans causes stress, but plans you can look forward to will only make you happy. Go for coffee with someone you’ve not seen for a while, arrange a get together with your girlfriends or make time with your partner to schedule a date night. Planning for something you really enjoy gives you a boost.
  9. Talk it out
    Keeping in things that are stressing you out creates more tension, saying them out loud to someone you love and trust halves your problem and they’ll be able to talk things through with you to allow you to gain better perspective.