Have you discovered your personal style?

Have you discovered your Personal Style?

This week we’re talking to celebrity stylist Suzanne Bernie of coathanger.net about Personal style. It’s about our choices in fashion and how they reflect our inner personality. We sat down with Suzanne to get her thoughts on how we can all develop our own personal style.

Suzanne has years of experience of styling celebrities, business people plus men and women who need help to learn which clothes to buy and how to wear them to look their best. Like everything, there are some basic ways to work on your personal style that are more straightforward than you may have realised.

What advice do you have for women who haven’t found a personal style that makes them feel great?

Look at your skin, hair and eye colour and notice how different clothing colours can drain your face whilst others make you look great.  Ask, does this make my skin and hair look good? Does it make my eyes shine?

clothesTry on lots of different garments in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.  Get used to what works well with your body shape.  Ask does it hang well? Does it cling in the right places?

Many people find it almost impossible to work out what makes them look good.  I highly recommend getting a professional stylist to help you find out what shapes, colours and styles suit you. You’ll learn what shapes and styles suit you, which colours to wear and how to put an outfit together with accessories. 

It saddens me that people feel so bad about the way they look when I know it’s so easy to sort out.  I’ve had a client who was terrified of going to a party but walked in confidently because they felt happy with their style.  I styled someone who was petrified of giving a talk on stage but got the courage to speak to 300 people once we had found a style they felt good in.  I’ve even styled someone who had been single for years but the inner confidence looking good gave them meant they met the love of their life soon afterwards. My job is to make people feel happy about themselves and really I love it.

Getting it Right

If you’re unsure about how to go about matching the basics to your personal style, take a look at our fabulous transformational retreat, Luscious in London where Suzanne and her team will give you the secrets to looking and feeling your best as well as taking you on a personalised shopping trip to buy outfits that will leave you feeling amazing.

What do you think is the most important element of a woman’s personal style?

StylistMake your style individual. Don’t be a walking advert for a brand, be a walking advert for yourself.  If you stick with one brand, you won’t look different from anyone else. Instead choose from a wider range of brands and make them your own. You don’t need to spend lots of money.  Recently I bought some designer trousers and found the perfect top to go with them from Gap for £3.99!

Don’t forget to accessorise with scarves, jewellery, bags and shoes that make the outfit feel right for you and put your own twist on the whole look.

Suzanne’s Style Journey

Tell us about your own personal style.

My style is quite masculine clothes with a sexy twist. I likes structured clothing such as a tailored jacket paired with a big funky necklace or pair of designer trousers with cool red shoes.  I put clothes together with accessories that show my personality.

I love to wear clothes that excite me. If you try on an outfit and think that’s okay, don’t buy it because it will be at the back of your wardrobe for good within a couple of weeks.  If you try on an outfit and go, WOW, then buy it and it will make you feel great.

What most people do when they’re going to a party is ask what everyone will be wearing?  Then, if the answer is sexy tight dresses, that’s exactly what they’ll wear too.  Everyone looks the same.  The problem is that so many high street fashion shops have the same clothes in them.  We like to wear the same as other people because it’s a uniform that we feel safe and secure in. Whereas I think, what will everyone wear to that party? If the answer is sexy tight dresses, I go in some funky silk palazzo pants.  I like to be different.

I started coathanger.net because I’ve always loved fashion and I have a passion for making people feel great about themselves. I love my job, it’s my hobby too.

We can’t think of a better motivation and we’re so proud to feature Suzanne this week as we discuss personal style.

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