About Us


About Rediscovering Me

Rediscovering Me was founded in February 2017 by Karen Mandy and Jane Boyd.  You can read our story below, including the famous pen incident.

Our Vision is to build and support a community of one million women by 2023 who will have a voice and make a positive difference in our world.

Our Mission is to inspire, empower and equip women to be the best they can be.

Who We Are

We are determined to make a difference to women in their middle years and feel passionate about building a community into a force to be reckoned with rather than a group to be marginalised.  (Meno)Pause Power! Well if the Spice Girls can do Girl Power…

Karen and her husband, Stuart have been running Shear Rock Adventures in Southern Africa for over 20 years, designing and delivering bespoke high impact training and development programmes for teams and individuals across Southern Africa.  As a qualified coach, Karen also supports people to overcome the barriers that are preventing them from achieving their dreams.  She is an accredited Morrisby Careers Adviser and was Pastor of the Christian Life Centre in Piggs Peak, Esawtini (Swaziland).

Jane’s career in the design and delivery of training and development has helped organisations achieve their ambitions and objectives  over the past 30 years.  She is fully qualified in the management, design and delivery of development activities.  Jane is a fully qualified coach and specialises in designing programs that enable people to find out what is holding them back, remove it and reach their goals.  She is a Christian.

Rediscovering Me began with Jane in the UK, sitting with her laptop on the end of her old kitchen table and Karen in Swaziland, sitting in the lobby of her local hotel.  Trying to meet on-line was “interesting” with so many interruptions from people wandering by just wanting to say hi.  Soon Karen was joined by Esther, our Admin Assistant, and they now have an office.  Besides Jane, our UK team includes Chelsea, our Social Media Manager; Technical Manager, Waqar; and our Website Content Manager Will.

Our Story

We met at Wakefield Girls’ High School in Yorkshire, UK in 1976 on the hockey field where we were both lurking at the back avoiding getting hit with a ball or a madly-wielded hockey stick.  Karen asked Jane if she had started menstruating and the rest is history.  These pictures are from around 1980.

We’ve only fallen out once and it lasted for the time it took for Karen to aim an ink pen at Jane’s face and throw it.  The pen missed and Karen dashed out of the classroom and into the school toilets with Jane in hot pursuit.  Karen locked herself in a cubicle, terrified of the consequences.  Jane was mad for about 30 seconds then burst out laughing and the fight was over.  Back in the classroom they found the pen stuck in the notice board behind where Jane’s head had been.  We remained firm friends throughout our school years. When Karen went to university in the next town, Jane would spend every Wednesday night sleeping on the floor of Karen’s digs after an evening dancing in the local student haunts.

We stayed in touch when Karen moved to Lesotho and ultimately, Swaziland after university.  We have had many happy holidays together with and without husbands and children.  Our families have spent some wonderful times at Staithes, our favorite Yorkshire beach or jumping from the cliffs into the deep pools at The Gap in Swaziland.  It has been a wonderful and supportive friendship that hasn’t faded despite the challenges of communication across two continents, during decades of Karen having no phone and when the internet was just an egg awaiting fertilization.

For a long time we have been talking about working together.  We’ve both had experience in the field of training and development for many years.  Karen is a director of Shear Rock Adventures, a company that focuses on developing teams and also relationship and communication skills.  Jane was director of Boyd Consultants, a company that specialized in designing and delivering highly creative programs that help people to learn the skills and knowledge they need to bring about positive change to themselves and their organizations.

The two of us are also qualified coaches working with a myriad of people of all ages and with a wide variety of coaching objectives.

Low self-esteem, self-worth and confidence issues were barriers in our lives

In the last few years, we noticed how we and many of our friends were battling many of the same life problems. We were struggling with self-esteem, lack of self-worth and confidence issues.  Many were feeling overwhelmed, over-committed; as though there were insurmountable barriers stopping us from enjoying our lives.

The turning point came when we decided to step in and coach one another through this season; tearing down barriers and building each other up to a place where we could eventually see a brighter future.

Leaving a legacy of life transformation

Today, we are both positive and excited about our futures and we want to make a big difference to the world. We want to leave a legacy and pass on the skills and experience we have gained in order to help other women transform their lives.

If you have any feedback for us about the website, the content or the resources we offer; or if you would like to put forward an idea for an article or blog we would love to hear from you at getintouch@rediscoveringme.org.

We truly hope you find our site inspirational, empowering and equipping.  We would love to hear how our site has made a difference in your lives so do getintouch@rediscoveringme.org.

❤Much love on your journey❤

Karen and Jane