Whether you are visiting us for the first time, or you are already part of this wonderful community – Welcome!  As we head into 2019, may we grow through the challenges, bask in the blessings and encourage one-another, always.

A VERY HAPPY 2019 from Jane, Karen and the Rediscovering Me Team xxx


Happiness Journal

Rediscover Happiness in 2019 with our beautifully illustrated gift edition journal Be inspired by other amazing women Become more mindful of what makes you happy Be challenged to change what you need to change

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The Bad, The Ugly and The Good.

by Ellie Parton Ellie shares her heart and what she's learned in 2018 about love, life and rainbows. Speaking from personal experience and the heart You’re probably looking at the headline to this article and wondering - isn’t it the good, the bad and the ugly? The answer should be yes, in the traditional saying, ...

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Carrie-Ann, Cheshire, UK. 🌸"Life isn't something you go through, it's something you grow through!" 🌸
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What you focus your attention on GROWS🌱 in your life. When we focus on the negative, it can consume us. Likewise, when we focus on the positive things in our life, happiness creeps in and… https://t.co/fjaXGfdcMS

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